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About Us

Offering investment opportunity

Our intention is to buy a legacy bank with a full banking license and transform it into a modern, digital and crypto friendly bank. The investors will have unique possibilities to invest in a fast developing bank with potentially good returns on investments.

  • Unique blend of the best of legacy banking and modern crypto banking
  • Potentially good returns on investments

Business model

After buying a fully licensed bank, we will transform it into a modern, future proof bank that regains customer trust. Not only with modern digital banking, but also with cryptocurrency products and services.

The legacy boutique commercial bank will become a modern financial digital-first platform, built around four core pillars: omni-channel banking, modular banking, open banking, and smart banking.


We will build a bank with the most modern ways of digital and mobile banking, with products and services that follow the latest fintech and computing product trends.


The banking sector will undoubtedly soon start accepting deposits, payments, and custody of cryptocurrencies. We will be prepared, and we will have a full suite of new banking products ready for our clients.


The bank will offer fast online services, but it will not compromise on security. While using the highest banking standards, we will offer our clients modern, flexible solutions.


The new bank, after the transformation, will have the following products and services

Digital products

Modern digital banking products for customers.


Deposits, custody, and payments with cryptocurrencies for all clients.

Crypto Exchange

Exchange of crypto currencies against fiat currencies.

Retail banking

Old and new banking products for customers.

Corporate banking

Standard corporate banking products for big clients.

Investment banking

Investment banking products and structured products.

Private Placement Memorandum

Download the PPM Teaser, or contact us for the full document.



Our team brings a wealth of experience in banking, crypto, and IT.

Martin Petrov

Chairman of the Investment Board

Arthur van Pelt

Deputy Chairman of the Investment Board

Jeroen Kruis

Member of the Investment Board

Rumen Zapryanov

Member of the Investment Board